2019 Print Media Circulation data now available

Up-to-date info on which papers reach specific markets is more important than ever to local media plans. Log in now to use the new SRDS Print Media Circulation digital edition with updated data for 2019.


Webinar: Simplifying Programmatic Buying

Can you easily and objectively compare inventory from multiple programmatic platforms at a glance? Do you have established resources in place, but still find yourself looking for ways to be a better partner for your client?

Kantar Media shows you how to evaluate inventory from multiple marketplace and ad tech inventory partners, view pricing in an objective, transparent resource, and begin the path to purchase—all from within your SRDS subscription.


Latest Thinking

Exclusive Interview with
Smart + Strong

Recently Kantar Media spoke with Ian Anderson, president and COO of Smart + Strong to learn more about Cancer Health, Smart + Strong’s newest publication.

Launched in 2017, Cancer Health provides accessible information about treatment and quality-of-life issues for people with cancer and their loved ones as well as information about cancer prevention and health policy for a general readership.