Build ad campaigns faster and smarter

Agencies and brands use SRDS as an affordable, all-in-one resource to find and compare digital and traditional media across business, consumer and geographic audiences. They rely on this extensive dataset of U.S. media to make informed decisions and initiate contact with media reps directly from the planning platform. 

Agencies and advertisers

Plan better campaigns. With so many media brands in evolving media channels, it can be difficult to find standardized, current data organized by market. Agencies and clients want media plans in just a few days, leaving little time for calling and meeting sales reps.

With SRDS access, brands and planning and buying agencies find everything they need to identify, evaluate and connect with media owners. Media-specific databases cover rates and contacts, audience metrics and more, along with education, resources and training tools to help shape the right media strategy.

With, planners and buyers can

  • Easily find media that reach a target market
  • Evaluate advertising options side-by-side
  • Make informed decisions about which media to choose
  • Initiate contact with media reps directly from

Profiles include audience and market intelligence from the industry's leading research companies:

  • comScore Media Metrix, Nielsen Netview and more for online advertising
  • SQAD, Simmons, and Nielsen Audio data for local plans
  • Claritas 360 data for consumer demographic insights
  • AAM, BPA and CVC audits for reliable audience data
  • One-click transfers of programmatic inventory to private marketplace and automated guaranteed platforms 

Media Sellers

Connect with media buyers when they want information. Media owners can promote their unique offering to the exclusive audience of active media buyers using 

Keeping basic profiles current maintains presence in their market, while paid visibility enhancement programs in SRDS deliver the best way to connect with buyers around the country as they compare media brands and send RFPs.