Business Publication Media

The SRDS Business Media Advertising Source™ database gives you comprehensive planning data on trade media, including print journals, that reach business-to-business audiences.

Media research, your way

Search for media and advertising opportunities any way that makes sense to you. Get in, find your options and apply powerful filters and sorting capabilities to help you evaluate huge lists of media quickly. Search by:

  • Media type (business publications, digital media)
  • Keywords
  • Titles
  • Business or healthcare classifications
  • BPA or AAM audited

Actionable data in one place

SRDS listings include all the data points you need to compile a plan.

  • Rates and contact info
  • Audience metrics and audit statements
  • Many media include video media kits, SRDS Instant Editions, publisher’s research, publisher’s positioning statements, featured marketing opportunities, logos, and cover images.