Digital Media

The Digital Media database in helps you save time, increase buying efficiency, make better ad decisions and maintain control of your digital buys. In addition to researching sites and ad tech companies, you can find, consider and understand how to purchase programmatic inventory, including automated guaranteed and private marketplace. is now your single interface for all digital media research, including websites, networks and programmatic pricing and avails.

  • Direct-to-Publisher
  • Programmatic (Automated Guaranteed and Private Marketplace)
  • Networks and Ad Tech

Website data for site-direct buying

Key media data you need for site-direct buying.

In the planning platform, you can research and evaluate 20,000+ U.S. websites that sell advertising, including consumer, business-to-business and local.

  • Create quick POVs for clients using:
    • Standardized, objective site profiles
    • Audience metrics from comScore and BPA
    • Site images, screenshots and logos
  • Identify business-to-business and niche sites not found in other tools.
  • Understand who to contact using names, phone numbers and emails.

Programmatic inventory for more efficient buying

Buy programmatic inventory from major publishers and indie sites.

Use to access, review and purchase automated guaranteed/guaranteed direct and private marketplace inventory for hundreds of sites from leading marketplaces and platforms.

  • Determine what programmatic inventory publishers have for sale, at what price and how to buy it.
  • View a publisher’s digital ad opportunities, avails, pricing and permitted targeting options.
  • Explore private marketplace options for increased transparency and brand safety.
  • Optionally output your inventory selections to your DSP or trading desk.

Digital networks and tech data for third-party buying

Do your due diligence and determine what ad tech company is the best fit for your campaign.

The profiles in allow you to quickly grasp the value propositions of 170+ ad tech companies (networks, exchanges, DSPs, etc.) and make better ad decisions for your clients.

  • Create POVs on ad tech companies for clients with standardized, objective SRDS descriptions and data, including platforms, targeting options, rate structures and more.
  • Educate and inform your team on how companies differ with objective, organized data.
  • Explore the sites that networks have served ads on.