Out-of-Home Media

The SRDS Out-of-Home Advertising Source™ gives you comprehensive planning data on U.S. place-based and traditional outdoor out-of-home media.
  • 25 out-of-home categories
  • 2,200+ out-of-home media
  • Media research, your way

Search for media and advertising opportunities any way that makes sense to you. Get in, find your options and apply powerful filters and sorting capabilities to help you evaluate huge lists of media quickly. Search by:
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Actionable data in one place

SRDS listings include all the data points you need to compile an out-of-home advertising plan.
  • Profile
  • Personnel
  • Branch offices
  • Commission
  • Representatives/networks
  • Terms and conditions
  • Copy content
  • Closing dates
  • Coverage/circulation
  • Production specifications

Out-of-Home Media Categories: "Place-Based"

  • Airport: Wall dioramas, clocks, posters and kiosks.
  • College Campus/School: Display racks, bulletin boards, kiosks, sponsored television ads and college magazines.
  • Convenience Store: Advertising at convenience store locations, targeted to particular demographics.
  • Hotel: In-room television/cable TV advertising and electronic displays.
  • Indoor: Billboards in the restrooms of restaurants, health clubs, arenas, movie theaters and night clubs.
  • In-Flight: Magazine binders, in-flight movies, seat backs and disposal bags.
  • In-Store: Shopping carts, store shelves, clocks, audio and checkout coupons.
  • Movie/Theater: Movies, theaters, videocassettes and videocassette boxes.
  • Shopping Mall: Kiosks and wall displays at shopping malls.
  • Sports/Fitness/Leisure Facility: TV with sound, digital signage, wall displays, bulletin boards, display racks at health clubs, resorts and fitness facilities.
  • Stadium/Arena/Sports Team: Wall displays, scoreboards and programs.
  • Truckside/Truckstop: Display panels on sides, rear, front of trucks. Display signage at truck stops and interstate travel centers.
  • Event Marketing: Special events, promotions and product sampling/demonstrations.
  • Other Specialized Media: Out-of-home media not classified elsewhere in this directory. Includes interactive and audiotex opportunities.

Out-of-Home Media Categories: "Traditional Outdoor"

  • Aerial/Inflatables: Balloons, blimps, skywriting and banners.
  • Bus Shelter: Backlit displays and posters.
  • Bus Bench: Display panels on benches.
  • Digital Media: Advertising on mobile telephones or wireless PDAs.
  • Mobile Advertising: Mobile billboards on trucks.
  • Outdoor: Billboards including posters, bulletins and painted walls.
  • Sampling/Street Teams: Product sampling at high-traffic venues/locations.
  • Taxi: Advertising within and on top of taxis.
  • Telephone Kiosk: Printed displays on free-standing public telephone enclosures.
  • Transit: Commuter transit platforms, trains and buses.
  • Vehicle Wraps: Integrated mobile advertising that often incorporates staffing, routes or timing, or sampling into client programs.