Where media decisions are made.®

Media buyers today develop integrated plans within a media landscape that is more complex than ever. Like consumers use Google or Bing, media buyers use daily to navigate that landscape and effectively identify their best options among 125,000+ media brands.

Your visibility in SRDS matters

A basic listing in SRDS just isn’t enough to make the plan. Premium visibility packages deliver higher ranking and more compelling, actionable data where media decisions are made. 

  • Better visibility in search results
  • Promotional copy and social links in your listing
  • Showcase unique marketing options (online, in-person, and more)

24/7/365 exposure, at work and after hours

So many media organizations are running lean these days. We’re all asked to deliver more results with less money and fewer people. And we need to bring the sizzle to reach younger media buyers. 

Don't panic! 

SRDS marketing services and visibility packages give you opportunities to tell your brand’s unique story to media planners and buyers, even in your competitor’s listings, even when they won't take your calls.