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If you’re not in SRDS.com, media planners and buyers won’t find you. Media planners and buyers are using SRDS.com right now to determine where they will buy ads. If you want to get more exposure as they build integrated plans, you have to be listed in SRDS.com.

Add your media brand to the SRDS database or update an existing profile

We want to get your media brand in front of media buyers! Send us your current media kit, and we'll get your profile started right away.

What kind of data appears in SRDS listings?

  • Contacts: Names, phone numbers and direct emails for key people media planners need to reach, such as sales, marketing, production and traffic folks.
  • Rates: Traditional print media profiles include rates so planners can estimate costs and compare options and reach.
  • Editorial Calendars: Your special content, format, programming or channels on your websites.
  • Audience: Data varies by media type, but it could be circulation numbers, links to audits or online audience metrics.

We want to hear from you

Our users want to see current data when they look at your brand. If your data is old or your contacts are out of date, they won't contact you for more information. Email your current media kit to the data director for your media type, listed above, or call to see your listing.