Using SRDS reports is as simple as clicking "Add to Report" for media in SRDS search results or detailed listings. Once tagged, you can view and modify your list, then export the data by clicking the "Reports" link. Contact Reports are available for multimedia data sets, and Detailed Reports provide media-specific data.

SRDS reports are available to qualified subscribers. Call 800.851.7737 or email to add Contact and Detailed Reporting to your SRDS account today.

Contact Reports

Contact Reports offer a standardized, integrated file (.csv format) listing contact information for all media you've tagged in an SRDS session.

Fields in a Contact Report include:

View a sample Contact Report.

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports provide much more detail on the media in a single type you've tagged in an SRDS session. Fields included in a Detailed Report depend on the media type selected.

View a sample Detailed Report.

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