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Important Sales Tax Information for

Kantar Media is required to collect sales tax in states where it has a physical presence. Sales tax is added to orders delivered in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Texas, based on the appropriate rate of sales tax in each state. Note: If applicable taxes are required, they are calculated and charged to your credit card or account at time of delivery and will be reflected on the invoice statement if applicable.

Some services purchased from Kantar Media may be exempt from sales tax, even for those states where Kantar Media has a physical presence.

Should your order include sales tax, and it is being delivered to or accessed in a state where Kantar Media does not have a physical presence, tax is being charged because your state has required Kantar Media to collect their sales tax.

Please note, you may be required to pay use tax and file a use tax return for certain purchases made from Kantar Media, even if your order does not include sales tax charges. Please consult your city, county and state tax authorities to determine whether you are required to pay use tax on any purchases made from Kantar Media.