Ad Specs and Submitting Data

Display Ad Specifications

Ad Unit Dimensions Max File Size Acceptable Formats
728 x 90 150 kb GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5*, Third-party tag*
Half Page
300 x 600 200 kb GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5*, Third-party tag*
970 x 250 250 kb GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5*, Third-party tag*
Rectangle 180 x 150 100 kb GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5*, Third-party tag*

  • * All HTML5 and third-party ad tags must be submitted for testing and approval at least 5 business days prior to start of campaign.
  • 15 seconds max animation length.
  • Any video/audio must be user initiated.
  • New creative may be submitted once per month.

Media Images & Logos

Media Images

  • 150 pixels wide x 200 pixels high or 200 pixels wide x 150 pixels high  (neither dimension can be larger, but either can be smaller) 
  •  File format: jpg, gif or png 
  •  Resolution 72 dpi RGB

Media Logos

  • Media Property Logo: 120 pixels wide x 40 pixels high
  • Corporate Logo: 96 pixels wide x 32 pixels high
  • File format: jpg, gif or png
  • Resolution 72 dpi RGB


Upload materials to:
Materials post within 5 business days of receipt.

Additional Ad Specifications

Have you submitted all your premium data?

Premium data elements help SRDS users understand and interact with your brand. If you are a current advertiser and haven't yet submitted or would like to update some data (like your Featured Marketing Opportunities), use these forms.